Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Training in Improving Sexual Satisfaction in Married Women

Document Type : Original Article


Master of Clinical Psychology, Azad University, Sirjan Research Sciences Branch


Objective The family is the most important element of society and therefore the health of the family depends on the relationship between husband and wife and one of the most important issues between couples is the issue of sexual satisfaction. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of mindfulness training in improving sexual satisfaction in married women.
Methods  The present study was a quasi-experimental method with a control and experimental group. The study population was all married women aged 25 to 40 years in Sirjan. The sample size was 30 women in experimental (n = 15) and control (n = 15) groups. The sampling method was available by sampling method. The method of data collection was sexual satisfaction questionnaire and the experimental group was trained in mindfulness training in 8 sessions of 60 minutes. Data were analyzed by analysis of covariance.
Results The results of the research hypothesis showed that mindfulness increases sexual satisfaction among married women. (P< 0.001)
Conclusion   As a result, mindfulness-based intervention can be used to increase sexual satisfaction in women who are not satisfied with their sexual relationship.