Investigating The Perfecting Role of the Attachment in the Corona Anxiety to Primary Schools Students of Ardabil city

Document Type : Original Article


1 M.A. student of Educational, Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch. Ardabil. Iran.

2 Associate Professor, Human Sciences Department, Azerbaijan State University. Baku. Azerbaijan.


Objective  This study aimed to investigate the relationship between attachment and coronary anxiety in students of Ardabil province.
Methods   The research method is correlational. The statistical population in this study includes 125,000 primary school students in Ardabil province. In this study, we tested 1062 people using a stratified random sampling method based on the Morgan table, of which 531 were girls and 531 were boys. To assess corona anxiety, we used the edited Coronavirus Anxiety Scale (CDAS), which has been prepared and validated in Iran. To assess children's attachment, we used the edited questionnaire on the relationship between child attachments. (KCAQ) used Halpern and Rotenberg.
Results   The results of the present study showed that attachment and its subscales have a positive and significant relationship with corona anxiety. To answer the first question of the study, indicate that corona anxiety. And each of its dimensions in the statistical population is in an unfavorable situation. In response to the second question of the research, it should be show that the state of attachment and each of its dimensions (except positive adaptive change) in the statistical population is unfavorable according to the results.
Conclusion     Statistical analysis suggestion that families should modify their parenting and care patterns to decrease stress, fear, and corona anxiety in their children, and to know that their anxiety can be effect on their children.