Predicting the Model of Psychological Capital based on Mindfulness with the Intermediary Anxiety in Obese women Candidates for Bariatric Surgery

Document Type : Original Article


1 PHD Student in Counselling, Faculty of Humanities, Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 Associate Professor, Department of Woman and Family Studies, Faculty of Social Science and Economics, Al Zahra University, Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch,Tehran, Iran

4 Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Imam Hosein University,Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran.



Objective The present study conducted to investigate the role of anxiety mediation in the relationship

between psychological capital and mindfulness in obese candidates for bariatric surgery.

Methods The study method was a descriptive correlational research. The statistical population of the

research includes all women candidates referred to Rasoul Akram Hospital in Tehran in the year 1400

(March 21, 2021 – March 20, 2022) for minimally invasive bariatric surgery. Among them, a number of

250 women were selected as samples through convenience non-random sampling. The research tools were

Psychological Capital Questionnaire (Luthans et al. 2007), Freiburg’s Mindfulness Inventory - short form

(Wallach et al. 2006) and Beck Anxiety Questionnaire (Beck et al. 1993). Structural equation modeling was

used for analyzing the data. The gathered data were analyzed using two statistical analysis software SPSS

Version 26 and LISREL Version 8.8 was made.

conclusion the results showed that the fit indices are in acceptable level and the suggested model has

optimum fit index. Considering the important role of mindfulness and anxiety in predicting the

psychological capital, trainings and interventions aiming increase in mindfulness and decrease in anxiety

should be included in preoperative plans dedicated for bariatric surgery candidate


  • Receive Date: 05 November 2022
  • Revise Date: 09 January 2023
  • Accept Date: 28 November 2022
  • First Publish Date: 01 January 2023