Design and Validation of Youth High-risk Behaviors Short Scale

Volume 2, Issue 5, June 2022, Pages 4-14


Sayed Ali Sharifi Fard; Mahmoud Parchami Khoram; Niloofar Mikaeili; Maryam Abdollahi Moghadam; Golnaz Ali Babaei

Consequences and Challenges of Remarriage with an ex-spouse from the perspective of women and men: Grounded Theory

Volume 3, Issue 8, January 2023, Pages 4-12


Malihe Horrie Abarghoyi; Hassan Zareei Mahmoodabadi; Fahimeh Dehghani

Explaining the Gender Differences in Iranian Marital Paradigms

Volume 3, Issue 8, January 2023, Pages 13-23


Esmaeil Jahani Dolatabad; Hossein Heydari

Predicting Violence against spouse based on childhood maltreatment experiences in divorce seekers in Isfahan

Volume 2, Issue 6, July 2022, Pages 14-21


Banafsheh Aleyaran; Fahimeh Dehghani; Zahra NaderiNobandegani

Predicting the Model of Psychological Capital based on Mindfulness with the Intermediary Anxiety in Obese women Candidates for Bariatric Surgery

Volume 3, Issue 8, January 2023, Pages 24-31


Maryam Javaheri Mohammadi; Seyyed Ali Hosseini AlMadani; Mehrangiz Shoaa Kazemi; Mohammad Bagher Hobbi

Effectiveness of the Combined Emotion-Focused and Solution - focused Therapy on the Anger and Marital Adjustment of the Women with Marital Conflicts

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 17 January 2022


Saeed Rezazadeh; Saeed Tavasolinia; Dariush Azimi

Marital boredom and sexual dysfunction in women with breast cancer

Volume 2, Issue 7, November 2022, Pages 29-36


Mehrangiz Shoaa Kazemi; Fereshteh Alikhani shateri; Fatemeh Mohammadi